Meet our Partners

Ron Marcellus

Ron is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist with 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry. His experience and background includes:

- Project management with budgets up to $5 million
- Process engineering and troubleshooting
- Industrial engineering including time & method studies, plant layout and assembly line balancing
- PLC, pneumatic and hydraulic control methods
- Continuous improvements such as cost & inventory reduction
- Automotive - including Control Plans, PFMEA, PPAP and action plan development
- Development and tracking of departmental and project budgets
- Supervision of hourly, trades and salaried personnel

Marc Carriere

Marc is a licensed Industrial Mechanic Millwright(433A) Interprovincial, Tool & Die Maker(430A), as well as a licensed General Machinist(429A) with over 30 years experience in machining, manufacturing and maintenance. His experience and background includes:

- Design, fabrication and maintenance of die cast tooling
- Continuous improvement activities including cost & inventory reduction
- Tooling & process troubleshooting
- Supervision of trades and other hourly personnel
- Departmental budget development and management of same
- Rebuild and remanufacturing of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment & components
- Welding & machining of both stainless and carbon steels and aluminum
- CAD drawings

Jos Turcotte

Jos is a licensed General Machinist with over 20 years experience in tooling Design & maintenance as well as job shops. His experience and background includes:

- Tooling & process troubleshooting
- Welding & machining of various metals including aluminum, cast iron and stainless
- Heat treating
- Development of tooling designs and PM activities
- Supervision of trades and hourly personnel
- Development of departmental budgets and tracking of same
- Development of tooling replacement programs
- Automotive - Control Plans, PFMEA and Action Plans
- Continuous improvement activities including cost & inventory reduction
- Rebuild and remanufacturing of mechanical equipment & components
- CAD drawings
- CWB welding supervisor